The Purest Tea Tree Oil In The World

MCNE is supplying the world with the purest Tea Tree oil that nature can provide

At Main Camp Natural Extracts we deliver high quality Tea Tree oil products tailored to customers specifications. We are committed to building long term relationships and are passionate about providing a professional and reliable service.
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We are an environmentally and culturally sensitive farming operation​

We grow and harvest our own Tea Tree plants, which ensures the oil produced is the purest Tea Tree oil on earth

Our on-farm team provide a highly educated and personalised service
Our distillation and packaging process produces the highest quality and purest tea tree oil in Australia
We distribute our products world-wide with easy and fast shipping

From soil to oil

MCNE has the most extensive, single Tea Tree plantation in the world, coupled with a central, high-efficiency distillation facility with complementary storage and packaging. Watch the video to see it all in action.

Our entire process consistently produces the purest Tea Tree oil in the world

The finest quality oil is consistently produced using procedures throughout the entire process. We are accredited with an ISO9001 Quality Assurance System certification.

MCNE is dedicated to assisting in the fight to save some of Australia’s rarest flora and fauna including facilitating a successful breeding program for the endangered species, the Jabiru & the Emus. In addition to over 100 bird species including both the Sea and Wedge-tail Eagles and the Kookaburra, other wildlife of interest include the bandicoot, dingo, fox and tortoise as well as the more common kangaroo and wallaby. MCNE is often a place of interest to worldwide ornithologists.

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