Our Farm

MCNE is committed to applying environmentally sustainable and culturally sensitive practices in all aspects of our business.

Main Camp Natural Extracts is committed to ensuring that the processes we put in place now, are considerate to both the eco-systems and the cultural heritage of the oils and the unique area from which they propagate. We wish for future generations to enjoy this wonderful landscape and take advantage of all the benefits our oils can offer. A key expression of Main Camp’s commitment in this area is the 2011 achievement of ISO14001 accreditation for the farm and our practices. This ISO14001 accreditation for our environmental practices gives our customers comfort and reassurance that in buying oil from Main Camp customers are buying from an organization with a real commitment to sustainability and longevity.

Environmental Responsibility

MCNE hosts an abundance of biological diversity on the property and actively protects some of Australia’s rarest flora and fauna as part of our comprehensive environmental plan.

Sustainable Practices

As the oil is extracted from the leaf of the tree, harvesting by coppicing means the tree remains in the ground and a new crop is cultivated from the same tree over the next 9-12 months using secure water resources. All residual biomass following Tea Tree oil extraction is recycled as soil mulch both on and off the farm so nothing is wasted.

Culturally Sensitive

MCNE respects the origins of this oil and pays tribute to the Bundjalung peoples of Northern NSW who have been using this oil for therapeutic purposes for centuries.