Distribution & Packaging

Main Camp believes that efficient, reliable and cost effective distribution and packaging is just as important to our customers as the assured highest quality of the products we produce and supply.

We understand delivery time is very important to all our customers. We have established a dedicated Logistics division within our organization. Our staff members are fully trained and experienced with all the formalities of sea transport and airfreight, particularly as it relates to Dangerous Goods.


Through our quality assurance system, ISO9001, we have total traceability of the product, not only through the entire production process but right through up until it reaches your desired destination. Our experienced team is always at your service to track your order and to answer any questions you may have.

Quality Control

Our knowledge and resources allow us to cater to orders as little as 1kg to multi-tonne consignment. Our Tea Tree oil is sold in containers approved by international standards and is preserved by a nitrogen blanket to ensure the quality of our product remains intact.

An independent GMP approved laboratory analyzes each batch of Tea Tree Oil. You will receive all the necessary documentation required by government and customs legislation. We take care of all logistics documentation for you.

Orders from as little as 1kg to full multi-tone FCL consignments.


(a) Stainless steel drums; 205L, 60L

(b) Teflon Lined drums; 205L, 60L

(c) Fluorinated Plastic cubes; 25L

(d) Aluminum bottles; 1L

(e) IBC Plastic FLuorinated container; 1000L

(f) Tamper proof seals

(g) Nitrogen blanketing for quality preservation

Details of documentation provided

(a) Certificate of Analysis generated by accredited, independent, analytical laboratories that report percentage levels of all 15 components specified by the Australian ISO4730 standards for Australian Tea Tree Oil/European & British Pharmacopeia. Additionally, peroxide values, and trace Methyl Eugenol levels CAN be supplied.

(b) Organic certification where appropriate. Kosher and Halal certified.

(c) Australian Tea Tree Oil Industry (ATTIA) Code of Practice certification (205 Stainless Steel Drums/ 25L Fluorinated Plastic Cubes and 1000L IBC Plastic Fluorinated container only)