Tea Tree Water Organic


The Organic Tea Tree hydrosol is the aqueous fraction arising from the steam distillation of Organic Melaleuca Alternifolia leaves when separated from the essential oil. The hydrosol is essentially sterile distilled water in which some of the most important components of the Organic Tea Tree oil are dissolved to the extent of the limited solubility in water.

Chemical Composition (typical):

Terpinen-4-ol: 500ppm
Terpineol: 50ppm
1,8-cineole: 20ppm
Water: remainder

These Tee Tree oil components in the organic hydrosol have been observed to vary by as much as 60%. This variability is a result of subtle fluctuations in the steam distilling conditions and the natural variability throughout the Tea Tree plants of the MCNE plantation.

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Botanical Name: Scientific name to go here
CAS Number: 123456-78-9
EINECS Number: 123-456-7
Dangerous Goods: Flammable Liquid
UN Number: 1234 UN Number
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