Anyseed Myrtle Oil

Backhousia Anisata


A rare and endangered tree, up to 50 m that grows in sub-tropical Rainforest confined to valleys and endemic of northern NSW. It has rough, corky brown bark with dense foliage of tapering leaves (shaped like a lance) characterized by the aniseed odour. Fragrant, creamy-white flowers that appear in late spring and summer.


Anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, sedative, carminative, insect repellent, a dermal irritant in high doses. High amounts of methyl chavicol are aesthetic and anti-spasmodic. A large number of applications in the flavour and fragrance industry, can be used to mask the scent or flavour of other essential oils and useful in perfumery and relaxing massage.

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Botanical Name: Backhousia Anisata or Syzygium anisatum
CAS Number: 187348-13-6
EINECS Number: N/A
Dangerous Goods: Flammable Liquid
UN Number: 3082 - Environmentally hazardous liquid, n.o.s
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