Blue Cypress Oil

Callitris intratropica

The Blue Cypress essential oil is extracted from the barks and heartwoods of the Northern Territory Cypress pine, also known as the Australian Blue Cypress. This essential oil is famous for its very particular blue colouration, which originate from its Guaiazulene compounds.

The Guaiazulene is the main active compound of the Blue Cypress essential oil, providing benefits as anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and anti-allergic. The presence of Eudesmol’s in the oil is giving its anti-viral properties, making the Blue Cypress a famous oil among the aromatherapists.

The Blue Cypress oil is recognized for its sweet woody, balsamic and herbaceous aroma.

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Botanical Name: Callitris intratropica
CAS Number: 187348-13-6
Dangerous Goods: Not classified as Dangerous Goods (ADG Code/IMDG Code/IATA)
UN Number: N/A
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